Here in the Inland Northwest, the rustic look of a dirt or gravel driveway is more popular than you might think. The creation of this type of driveway is quick and easy to put in, and leaves a beautifully natural line up to your home. Unfortunately, dust is also a natural part of having a dirt or gravel driveway. This can be anything from light clouds of dirt and minerals, to flying rocks that kick up in the back of the car.

Lyman Dust Control has multiple resources to help you greatly reduce the amount of dust and debris lifted from your driveway every time it gets used. Options include our Ligno Road Binder, the Magnesium Chloride Dust Devil, or a blend of the two products in our Lingo Magno Custom blend. Our products are specifically formulated to get the results you want, in an environmentally safe way. Call us today for more information!

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