Lyman Dust Control is the Northwest’s premier choice for road oiling and road stabilization on dusty roads and for those locations that require environment friendly dust abatement control, wind and water erosion control, dirt, gravel and asphalt road repair and related street and highway construction. Lyman dust control services Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon for highways and all types of businesses and residential driveways and parking lots.





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We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our services. Lyman Dust Control, Inc has been in the dust abatement business in the Western States for over thirty-five years. We offer experience and quality, and we are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

The need for dust control is apparent and dust palliative provides a superior, economical treatment for stabilizing unsurfaced roads and keeping them free of dry-weather dust. Dust abatement reduces potholes, washboarding, and frost heaving. Out-of-control dust is a large cause of respiratory problems. Airborne dust can also cause significant damage to electronic equipment and machinery.

Lyman Dust Control’s fleet-of-truck is fully equipped with state-of-the-art computerized BearCat spreaders. Our operators are fully qualified and trained. We have, on hand,  a complete line of environmentally safe, EPA approved dust control products and offer them at an affordable price.

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  • My family and I were so impressed at the professional crew at Lyman Dust Control on our dusty road situation. They helped us pick the right product we needed to eliminate our dust problem with no hassle! Very grateful for their knowledge and experience! Thanks Lyman Dust Control!

    John DoeHero of the neighborhood
  • Our parking lot for our store was so dusty that our customers started complaining. Wasn’t sure who to call or where to turn to. So blessed I came across Lyman Dust Control, they were very prompt and took care of the situation right away! Now we have happy customers who don’t have to worry about getting their car washed after visiting us!

    Business owner of Spokane

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