LIGNO Road Binder

LIGNO Road Binder

100% pure and biodegradable product form of dust abatement, soil stabilization, and aggregate improvement. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TODAY, FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.

Product Details

LIGNO Road Binder consist of sucrose, plant fiber and aquatic solutions. This has gained widespread use for fugitive dust control and road stabilization. 100% pure and biodegradable product form dust abatement, soil stabilization and aggregate improvement.

LIGNO Road Binder is an adhesive that binds the soil particles together. While wood sugars and lignin polymer are both bonding agents, the wood sugars are also hygroscopic and attract moisture to the road surface. This gives a flexible coating with a decreased dusting tendency. This ability to attract moisture is very important when the lignin is “top shot” on the roadway.

Aside from being a bonding agent, it is also a strong anionic surfactant. It bonds itself chemically to the clay minerals in soils and acts as a deflocculating or dispersing agent. This fills the voids and gives a higher density for the same moisture content.

Resource Material

Looking for more details on Ligno Road Binder? Download the Safety Datasheet and its Specification Sheet below:

Key Benefits & Features


Human And Animal Safe

Environmentally Safe

100% Biodegradable

Solvent Free

Chemical Free

Petroleum Free

Volatile Organic Compounds Free

Chloride Free

Solfate Free


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