Improve your quality of life by building a dust-free community.


Unpaved residential roads can be subject to dust, erosion, and washboarding, leaving you and your community’s roads at a higher safety risk.

Lyman Dust Control, Inc. offers a cost-effective dust control application that not only improves visibility and reduces the chance of accidents. It also provides cleaner air, cleaner vehicles, and a cleaner living environment overall for you and you family.




Dust is a natural part of your gravel or unpaved driveway. This provides that perfect pastoral touch for your property, but it can be a mess when you’re driving on it.

Lyman Dust Control, Inc. offers an affordable and sustainable solution to eliminate the dust cloud when you pull up to your front door.

County Roads

There are numerous unpaved roads throughout the Northwest that offer some of the most spectacular views in the county. Unfortunately, rain and wind threaten the safety and visibility of drivers on those roads.

We offer a multitude of products to stabilize and improve the safety of unpaved county roads.



City Streets

City limits don’t guarantee paved roads, they are still prone to dust rockets, also known as cars and trucks barreling down the road. This can be a real inconvenience for surrounding communities.

Lyman Dust Control, Inc. offers a solution with our specialized products to protect you and your family from dust rockets. Eliminate the dust in your front yard and keep your loved ones safe from dust-related respiratory ailments.

RV Parks

Park grounds are vulnerable to fugitive dust since it’s more open to the elements. Dust can be disruptive to those living in the area.

We offer dust abatement and road stabilizing services to provide you with a cleaner environment and a happier park ground.


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